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Aérodyne-Services maintenance welcomes you to its workshops and ensures the maintenance of your helicopter.  

We also provide the maintenance for your Ultralight aircraft. 

We can also the periodic maintenance on your Rotax engine.

Maintenance for Helicopter

Maintenance for Ultralight

Maintenance for Rotax engine

Assembly your helicopter

Periodic maintenance

The periodic maintenance are done at different intervals, whether at 50, 100 or 150 hours. It's important to make periodic inspections of your device to minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns.  When the aircraft is kept in order, it ensures safety in flight.

Full overhaul

Aerodyne-Services  offers the reconditioning service for your helicopter. This includes the inspection of the entire unit and the necessary change of parts according to the specifications with new parts, refurbished parts or the same inspected parts, according to the customer's needs and the condition of the customer.

Breakdown service

The Technical team can move to unscheduled maintenance, a failure, or an incident, to restore the aircraft or helicopter and this no matter where the machine is located. Ensures the return of your aircraft or helicopter in our workshop. The technician can also move to perform periodic maintenance of your machine.

Equipment mounting

The team can also install optional equipment on different types of devices (ULM-HELICOPTERE-AUTOGIRE).


We can assembly your H3S, or your ultralight aircraft.

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