Our training offer gives you the opportunity to turn your dream into reality. Our flying school is the perfect place to fulfill your dream of becoming a helicopter pilot. At the flying school "FLY AND DREAM", your instructor takes the time to adapt lesson hours and workload to your schedule and your occupations. This is a facilitating element of great value !

Helicopter pilot license

To obtain the Ulm Class 6 Helicopter Pilot License, you must meet the following conditions:


              . Be 15 years old.

              . Have completed ULM theory exam, issued by civil 

                aviation.  (Preparation of this examination with the

               Ulm Pilot Manual that we can provide or, if you wish,

               by following the theoretical sessions that we regularly

               organize in group or individual lessons in parallel with

               the practical flight training).

License conversion

We offer to Ultralight pilots, aircraft and helicopter pilots a conversion to the Ultralight helicopter pilot license, according to a specific program:


            . Flight control of acquired assets.

            . Qualification type Helicopter Ultra Lightweight.

            . Autorotation management.

            . Passenger license.

The number of flying hours is assessed by the instructor according to the aeronautical curriculum and the aptitude of the student pilot.

Helicopter Theoretical Course

We offer various exam preparation (QCM) organized by the aeronautical administration and rate approximately three session per month.


             . The complete training.

             . Individual course

             . Group course.

Initiation to the helicopter

Come discover the pleasure of flying a helicopter.

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